India Grants Free Visas

A photo of free Indian visa

Great news! India grants free 6-month visas to everyone who applies for a visa on their web site today. After your application is approved, the free visa will be waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival.

By free visas, the Indian government responds to the recent negative attention regarding the reciprocity of their visa fees. Although Indian government has claimed to price the visas reciprocically, this has applied only to a small portion of visa charges. On top of the visa, Indian embassies charge “a fax fee” of US$ 25 when the visa is applied abroad and a service charge of US$ 2. Neither of these extra costs are reciprocal.

To make up for the inconsistency, India is now granting free visas that can be applied online. The new online service will make the procedure easier and faster and help India to strip off the British legacy of bureaucracy, says the Indian Foreign Minister who told the news in Indian Times.

Free visas are granted only until today so you’d better hurry up!

Apply for the free 6 month Indian visa.

Please note that fixing the corruption related to the fax fee scam is likely to take years thanks to the heavy bureaucracy, so better not to expect any quick changes.


  1. This is a great news from Indian government. This will help the people who feel helpless in getting visas....


  2. Hi Brian,

    yes, it was. Here is the earlier one with the links to all our previous pranks:

    Just to make sure with this one this year: the free visa offer was an April fool.

    Happy April!


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