Happiness test

This test is based on the happiness test that was introduced in our book La Habanera. It is also available on our book website: Nomad and nomadic travel books by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto.

Happiness test A

Let's start with a test you can use to find out how happy you are. Please answer the following questions frankly.

1. The most important things in my life are:

Please give numbers 1 to 6 according to the order of significance, where 1 is the most important.


challenging job

house, car, summer cottage, and all other things

family, friends, colleagues

free time, vacations, hobbies

money, savings, investments

2. If I won big money in lottery I would:

3. I would be even happier in my life if:

4. After my retirement I will do:

5. The most important things I own are:

6. I value most the following public services:

7. I can not end up being homeless because:

8. The meaning of life is:

Thank you for your answers. Now, please read La Habanera book. Then return to this test to complete it.

Happiness test B

Please rate the value of the following things in relation to your personal needs.

[ 0 = most important to you personally, 5 = important only because of other people]

Success in life
Having a meaningful job
House, car, summer cottage and all other things
Family, friends, colleagues
Free time, vacations, hobbies
Money, savings, investments

Please answer to the the rest of the questions without using words like success, work, property, belongings, house, car, summer cottage, family, friends, money, savings, investments, loan, free time, hobbies, vacation.

2. What makes you happy?

3. The meaning of my life is:

4. What holds you back?

5. Do you want to be happy in your life?

Yes   No

6. What you are going to do right now to be happy in your life, and find the meaning of life?


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