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Some 3711 Tweets and 1023 Days Later

In 2013, we wrote about using Twitter for marketing. After sending 3711 tweets during 1023 days I can confidently confirm: Twitter works perfectly for nothing. Using Twitter for business and advertising is a similar waste of resources as LinkedIn or Facebook, although they are all nice toys for fooling around, showing off, and killing time. And Google+, well, they remain as dead as always waiting to be shut down like Google Picasa. For many companies including Asian airlines, Twitter has been a channel for spamming followers. They don't bother to read replies or answer questions. Perhaps they don't even understand them. If you have been wondering why there are so many spelling mistakes and stupidities in our tweets, it is because Santeri has been using Twitter alone. Päivi is too busy with her own projects to get engaged in social media save for rare visits at Please do not show these tweets to Päivi as she will most certainly not agree with any of them. Tha…

Review: Dell Vostro Laptop

We got fed up with breaking keyboards and bought Dell Vostro 14 5459 laptop. After reading customer feedback, we decided not to mail order or rely on Dell support and customer service, but to buy the laptop from a reseller and test it before taking it with us. All was well at the shop, BIOS hardware tests were passed, Dell website confirmed the 2-year parts only warranty (POW), and factory installed Ubuntu GNU/Linux showed the correct processor, memory, and hard disk.

Securing Windows 7 Against Microsoft and Other Threats

This article helps you to protect your Windows 7 against security threats, privacy violations, and malware. These instructions are crucial for digital nomads who are often travelling and working offline in remote areas using internet cafes with slow and unreliable internet connections. In such conditions, having your laptop suddenly download unwanted updates or get messed up is a nightmare. The same principles apply to all operating systems, not just Windows 7, as long as you have control over your system. Even if you are not a digital nomad, you might want to enjoy increased productivity, stability and security by controlling your own computer.

The Best Laptop for Travelling and Working on the Road

We have spent the last 11+ years as digital nomads travelling perpetually with laptops writing books, designing websites, and making films. This article summarises the lessons we have learned for choosing the best laptop for travelling and working on the road, and a few practical tips. Below is a list of the brands and models we have had, and the problems we experienced with them.