No Thanks To International Women’s Day

Berlusconi on International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. The day has been celebrated since 1909. Why didn’t we participate?

For us the celebration is chauvinist. There should also be International Men’s day celebrated with equal intensity. Now the women’s day exists only to promote differences between men and women, not to make them more equal. Equality does not mean creating barriers, but uniting.

Why Not Every Day?

If the English language speakers would like to increase equality, the whole language should be fixed. Words that separate genders—like pronouns he and she—should be replaced with gender neutral words and in some other languages masculine and feminine forms should be removed. Finnish language has very few gender dependent words and those remaining are currently being rooted out and replaced with gender neutral terms.

If you want to celebrate women, why don’t you do it every day? We have proposed the same approach for Valentine’s day, which we have replaced with True Friend’s Day. We celebrate it every single day of the year except on Valentine’s day.


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