Mobile Phone Cliff


Hong Kong Harbour.

We visited a very special and little known, almost a hidden sight in Hong Kong called Mobile Phone Cliff. Local people don't usually tell foreigners about it and we found the place quite accidentally when looking for a vegetable market. It was fascinating.

The famous Mobile phone throwing place.

Stressed people go to the cliff to throw away their mobile phones into the sea. Here is Päivi trying to spot some deserted phones.

We met at the cliff Chris and Matilda just after they had thrown away their mobile phones.

Life can be really stressing in the metropolis. It is not just pollution or elevated suicide rates, but also rage against various gadgets taking over peoples' lives. We met one Hong Kong couple, Matilda and Chris, just after they had got rid of their mobile phones.

A mobile phone we found, wet but still very expensive looking.

All kinds of mobile phones are thrown away, even the most expensive ones. We saw the following wet apparatus floating in the sea. Hong Kong children often come to the beach down the cliff during low tide to collect mobile phones. They dry the batteries and sell them to a local electronics shop, Mongkok Fortress, to earn pocket money.

Children searching for mobile phones during low tide.


Oh, and happy 1st of April!

A year ago we wrote about A Once In A Lifetime Experience in Cambodia.

Country: Hong Kong, Country: China


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