Thailand Military Coup

Thai Military seized power in Bangkok on Tuesday night, the 19th of September, just a few hours ago. They occupy now every crucial corner in the capital, among others government building and the Prime Minister’s office.

The aim of the coup is to overthrow Prime Minister Thaksin. According to a rumour the king has already appointed a new Prime Minister, but the rumour is not confirmed.

The coup limits at the moment to the capital. According to the news the situation is calm there. Here in Chiang Mai we wouldn’t have even noticed the whole thing if we hadn’t had TV and Internet. Local Thai channels are in control of the army and are not sending any program but BBC keeps us informed.

We are safe and well away from Bangkok and tanks, so no fears or worries. We are not worried either. We will try to post some pictures from the streets soon.

Päivi & Santeri

Country: Thailand


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