From Amsterdam to Brazil

Here are a few photos from our honeymoon in Amsterdam.

We left our finger prints and photographs to the US while transiting to Sao Paolo. They also wanted to test the smell of our socks by making us to remove shoes, funny people, quite paranoid.

Had a nice wedding night in a boat home in Amsterdam, that was fun. Also coffee in coffee shop was nice (see the picture).

We finally left Amsterdam 1 day late thanks to our flight carrier delay causing us to miss the flight. Better avoid Continental airlines in future. In USA everything is very big, this seems to apply to stupidity as well. Oh well, we don´t have to go there again, anyway ...

Have fun and greetings from Sao Paolo airport (there are some more pictures in the album about that).

Santeri & Päivi

Country: Brazil, Country: Netherlands Keywords: Brazil, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo, Continental airlines, Coffee shop, joint, smoking, pot, USA.


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