Arriving in Brasilia, Brazil

We arrived last night in Brazil, Brazil. Being tired to terminal and airport life we have decided not to fly again soon. Brazil was the first and the only planned destination of our journey.

Pedro was waiting for us in the airport together with his wife Rosana. It was great to discover that they had not changed at all.

Actually people don't change and they can't change them self. It seems to be us who change the perception of ourselves and support that change by thinking that other people change. A good reason for a little paranoia concerning your friends, huh? :) Not.

We have been talking about going around South-America by car, but let's see. Better enjoy the hospitality of Pedro and see Brazil first. You never know if it's the place we have been seeking for to settle down.

It's around 7am local time. Hard to get rid of working rhythm and realise that I don't have to recover from jet lag instantly. Better go back to sleep with my wife.

See you,


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